And We Are Off!


We are officially off on our ice cream truck journey! On Saturday, we had our kick-off Bon Voyage performance at the quaint Rebekah Lodge, located in Sherwood, OR. For those of you Oregon residents who were unable to attend, the evening was described by guests as magical. The night opened with talented 12 year old singer-songwriter Tess Creasy.


We Indian Summer Ladies then made our way to the stage, and filled the room with paintings and song, harmonies filled the lodge as we celebrated the first stop on the map- the place where it all began, the birthplace of The Indian Summer Tour.



The evening ended with Amanda demoing the rooftop stage, plenty of sweet treats sold at the ice-cream window, and our first auction star winner, Tamara of the Painted Plate at $25. Stars will be added at each performance venue, as we hope to have a star-filled truck as we pull into NYC!


The last few days have been filled with some wonderful concerts, including a mini concert complete with a mini painting and a serenade on eukelele in Salem, for Amanda’s dear friends Dorothy and Wes Ross, the previous owners of the South Store Cafe in Scholls, OR. Image

We enjoyed our Ashland and Redding concerts as well, as we met some wonderful new friends, and added a few cheerful stars to the truck! Image

Today is an exciting day, as we travel to just outside San Francisco, for a recording session to create the Indian Summer Tour Album, available soon in our Tour Store. 

Thanks to all again who are making this tour possible, we love you all and appreciate you believing in our passions as artists! Cheers to a great first week of tour so far!  

– Jen and the gang:)