How Tour Came to Be…

ImageAbout a year ago, I received a phone call from Amanda, as she wanted a tour of my art studio for her daughter Amelia. They greeted me with smiles and a cheerful honest presence, and I knew we would be instant friends. In that first tour, Amanda asked me if I sang, and embarrassed, I admitted I wrote a little music. “You are a true artist, a painter and a singer…” she smiled, “We will need to get you out performing!” 


Throughout the last year, Amanda and I have partnered in several performances, combining her music and my painting to create a collaborative captivating show that has intrigued a range of audiences. 


This past spring, I wanted to explore a bit more about my Native American roots and begin to plan a heritage trip to the southwest. I shared with Amanda at a voice lesson one day, and she excitedly shared that she was in the process of buying an ice cream truck, and she was planning on going on a tour of the USA. Soon, our ideas started clicking like clockwork, and The Indian Summer Tour was born. 


We have fabulous opportunities for you to partner in this process with us. We have several venues booked, and have a lot of hope and faith that more will come when we start our journey down the road. We are in need of some financial support to make it to NYC and to purchase plane tickets back home, and are excited for you to share in our experience through painting sales, album sales and The Postcard Club! We will be sending a collector’s postcard from every performance, from each state that we visit. This is great adventure for children to follow the paintings across America, learning about the states we visit, as well as nostalgic for adults to look forward to their artfully painted postcards mailed to them! We only have a limited # of memberships available, so join our Club today! Here is the link!


Albums and original performance paintings for sale will be posted here too, unless they presell at the venue. They will be shipped to you from the location where we are when payment is received.    


We are so excited about this adventure, as we are pioneering this performance endeavor in our sweet little ice cream truck! Journey with us, as you enjoy your lovely collection of postcards, paintings, and music created to share with you! The journey has begun, The Indian Summer is here.